Distribution Center

Our refrigerated warehouse is located in Simanovci, at only 20km from Belgrade on an ideal location for a distribution center for fruit, vegetables, pharmaceuticals or other types of products which need storing at temperature controlled storages.



Reasons why Finalco is the right choice to become your distribution center if you have your own transport and products with special storage requirements:



  1. Excellent location – refrigerated warehouse is located just off the highway, before toll station Simanovci, and it is easily accessible
  2. Excellently equipped refrigerated warehouse – It provides cutting-edge equipment and excellent conditions for storage of deep frozen products or products which need cooling storage
  3. Office space – We offer a possibility for you to have a modern and well equipped office next to the refrigerated warehouse, if that is convenient for your business


If your market is Belgrade, or wider area of Belgrade, your business headquarters can be elsewhere, but our refrigerated warehouse can be your distribution center regardless of your headquarters location.

Telephone: +381 63 260 346

Email: office@finelco.rs

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