Harvest and storage of fruit - enjoy in flavours of summer during winter time

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Harvest and storage of fruit is not that complicated if you have all the necessary data and if you are fully informed on storing procedures of a particular fruit product. As types of fruit are different, the storage of fruit differs for each particular type. If you grow fruit in your own garden, here is an advice how to preserve flavours of summer and autumn for a few months.


Harvesting ripe fruit


Method of fruit harvest is the most important for fruit storage. It is not the same if you pick up fruit when it is ripe, before it is ripe, if it is a berry or a bigger tree fruit. If we pick apples or pears, it is the most important that they are ripe and we should pick them gently form tree branches. For berries, like raspberries or strawberries, it is important that the frut is whole and firm, and not damaged. The same goes for grapes and cherries - it is important for storage that the fruit is not pulled and forcefully removed, but just cut off from the petioles if it is not possible to simply pick them up.


Related to the dynamics of harvest, it is recommended that you pick berries each day during the season to prevent over-ripening of certain pieces.
Another important issue for storage of fruit is to separate over-riped, damaged or spoilt fruit. Any piece of fruit of this kind can damage the condition of other fresh and healthy pieces. To prevent this, be aware not to overlook any spoilt or damaged pieces of fruit.


Storage of fruit - Tree fruits


Apples and pears and similar fruit are best stored in dark and cool places, where they can be preserved for a few months. Cellars are good places for such storage. Additionaly, this type of fruit should be placed separated - never clustered - so that the stored pieces of fruit are detached from one another. If that is difficult to achieve, each piece of fruit can be wrapped in paper.


Shallow wooden crates are the most conveneint for such storage, so that the pieces of fruit are detached from one another.

Avoid plastics.



If you chose to freeze fruit, it is recommended that apples and pears are sliced and packed in bags. If the whole piece of fruit is frozen, the petioles should be removed.


Storage of berries



Storage of berries, like strawberries, raspberries and blackberries is done differently. While apples can be preserved almost whole winter in cellars, berries must be frozen to preserve their freshness.


Thus, the storage of raspberries and blackberries will be done best if after the harvest, damaged and rotten pieces are removed first, and the rest of fruit is placed separated from one another. Once frozen in such a manner, it can be re-packed into suitable containers for further storage.


Storage of such fruit requires freezing until use, as to preserve freshness and all the vitamins. If you do this yourselves at home, pay special attention not to freeze again once defrosted fruit. Those who have big production of fruit, can entrust storage of their products to professionals.

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