Proper storage of fruit in refrigerated warehouses

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Fruit has an important role in our lives. Without fruit and the vitamins it contans, our body would not be able to function properly. Fruit is the right food for our brain, it hydrates our body and enables proper digestion. These are just a few benefits from fruit if it is taken every day and in a proper manner.


As to enable us to consume more types of fruit throughout the year, it is stored in refrigerated warehouses for fruit, and preserved for a longer period of time.


 refrigerated warehouse


Why are the refrigerated warehouses necessary?


Do you wish to preserve freshness of fruit, its colour and all the vitamins for a longer time? This question is especially interesting if you are in agriculture, and your narrow field of business is fruit growing. Refrigerated warehouses for fruit are an ideal solution. We must point out that the fruit is alive even after harvest. This is why even then it needs to be treated with care. After harvest the process of ripening, but also of perishing is much faster. Refrigerated warehouse for fruit can slow down this process, but it cannot stop it. Each type of fruit has its own storage temperature, maximum length of storage, as well as other ideal conditions which are created in closed chambers of refrigerated warehouses for fruit. The relative humidity of air needs to be very high and it ranges up to 95 percent. There are two types of refrigerated warehouses for fruit - refrigerated warehouses for freezing and refrigerated warehouses for cooling. Why is that so? It has been said that different types of fruit are stored in refrigerated warehouses, and they require different storage temperatures. Not all fruit needs to be frozen.


Temperature as the key factor


Temperature is the most important segment that influences preservation of products in refrigerated warehouses for fruit. If the temperature is higher than required, the fruit can start parishing and losing its colour and shape. Those who deceide to store their products in refrigerated warehouses for fruit, definitelly wish to avoid that. Thus, a strict control of required temperature is needed for particular types and sorts of fruit.


Things are complex even if you pick one type of fruit, say apples - there are different sorts of apples, a lot of cultivation methods, different origins. All needs to be taken into consideration. The conditions in chambers of refrigerated warehouses for fruit need to be such that direct sunlight never reaches fruit. It may sound strange, but in this case the sunlight does not have a positive effect on fruit. Ventilation also needs to be properly designed in refrigerated warehouses for fruit.


All storage conditions in the refrigerated warehouses for fruit need to be monitored carefully, as to guarantee good quality of fruit after it is taken out of the storage.


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