Storing apples after the harvest

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Storing apples after the harvest to preserve them for the winter is a demanding process. It is equally important for both consumers and sellers to be familiar with the process of storing apples. For the first, to be sure they are buying properly preserved fruit, and for the latter, to keep fruit in excellent condition, ready for consumption and in the most cases for sale.




It is important to know that storing of apples from one harvest to another, is possible only in refrigerated warehouses, and at low temperatures, which prevents parishing of fruit. Additionally, it is important to know other methods of storing apples during the winter, for a limited period, if you do not choose the first option.


How to begin with storing apples?


Not all sorts of apples are conveneint for storage, so you have to choose those which are, and store them for consumption during the winter. Of course, when storing apples, we need to take care of the level of ripenes of the fruit. We should nor store overripe apples, not to mentione rotten or maggoty ones.


Thus, at the beginning, the most important is to choose fruit with brown seeds and wide pericarp, and those easy to pick from the branch. We should not use force to pick up the fruit, as this is a sign that it is not yet ripe. Additionally, you shoud access apples on the higher branches, and those in the middle of the tree crown, as the fruit growing at these parts is the most conveneint to last over the winter.


What is the best space for storing apples?


When you choose spece for storing apples, we already mentioned, you should consider the storage length. If you wish them to last until the next harvest, you must choose refrigerated warehouses. If you, however, wish to store them for a shorter period, that can be a dark, airy and humid room. Thus, for storing apples we mostly choose cellars with these characteristics, however, we should take care of the humidity - if the room is not humid, vessels with water should be placed there.


Further, apples should be placed in shallow crates or cardboard boxes, which could be wrapped around by cardboard. Altghough it is not recommended to use big boxes or deep and big crates for storing apples, if you do not have an alternative, you could always place cardboard between the fruits, to prevent them from parishing prematurely.


Mandadory check of the stored fruit


Regular check of the stored apples is mandatory, and the condition of the fruit should be checked at least once a week. Only this way you can remove all rotten pieces, which can infect the fruit around them fast and easily. Besides, regular ventilation is important for storing apples in dry rooms, as to timely provide water for air moisturizing.


If you do not store apples in refrigerated warehouses, make sure not to let the fruit dry, and use perforated film to cover the fruit. It is also possible to store apples in perforated polyethylene bags, due to chemical processes during the storage of apples. And eventually, you should not mix this fruit with another type of fruit or vegetables, as that will speed up the process of decay.

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