Refrigerated Warehouse - Serbia

Our refrigerated warehouse is among the best equipped refrigerated warehouses in Serbia, and its convenient location on Belgrade – Sid E70 highway is another advantage of the Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse.


We have a pallet rack capacity of 3,000 pallet spaces at two types of storage temperatures. Our refrigerated warehouse has 2,500 pallet spaces in deep freezing system at -18 degrees, and 500 pallet spaces in cooling storage at 0 – 4 degrees.


Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse, Simanovci, Serbia

Deep freezing (at -18 degrees) 2,500 pallet spaces
Cooling (at 0 - 4 degrees) 500 pallet spaces


Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse meets all standards for food storage. We store the following goods:


  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • meat
  • fish
  • ice cream etc.


The Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse rents pallet spaces. We offer two possibilities depending on type of products to be stored:



Deep freezing warehouse is a capacious freezer for storage and quality preservation of products which require -18 degrees temperatures, such as raspberries, peaches, peas, broccoli, fish, French fries, frozen dough, sour cherries, sherries etc.


Cooling refrigerated warehouse provides conditions for storage of goods at 0 – 4 degrees temperatures. It is ideal for storage of yeast, chocolate, biscuits, apples etc.


Besides storing goods with specific storage temperature demands, our refrigerated warehouse provides possibilities to regulate airflow and air humidity, which ensures quality maintenance of certain products.

See prices of pallet spaces at the Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse.


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