Refrigerated Warehouse – cooling storage

Cooling is the best way to preserve food. When cooled appropriately, food products maintain their quality significantly longer. Finelco provides for 500 pallet spaces for cooling of products at temperatures 0 – 4 degrees Celsius.


Apart from the temperature requirements, we meet the highest criteria for air humidity regulation and sanitary conditions. The cooling temperature enables preservation of the following products:



  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • meat
  • delicatessen
  • chocolate
  • yeast
  • dairy products
  • margarine etc.


Refrigerated Warehouse near Belgrade



Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse is located in Simanovci, on Belgrade – Sid E70 highway, only 20 km from Belgrade. Apart from the best condition for food storage, its convenient location is another advantage of our refrigerated warehouse. The location enables fast and easy distribution of goods to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to clients.


This is the reason why our refrigerated warehouse is suitable for the clients who:


  • Collect products for export and wish to store them in good conditions and at convenient location
  • Import food or other products and need conveniently located warehouse for further distribution
  • Distribute food in Belgrade and wider area and seek well located distribution center with good storage conditions


To rent pallet spaces in our refrigerated warehouse, or to get more information, call us or contact us by e-mail.


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Refrigerated Warehouse belgrade


Finelco has 2,500 pallet spaces in deep freezing storage, at temperatures of -18 degrees. More on the page Refrigerated warehouse – deep freezing storage.