Refrigerated warehouse rental fees

If you import or export fruit, vegetables or grocery products you need to store your products in refrigerated warehouse to preserve their quality and value.


iznajmljivanje hladnjace cena


Our refrigerated warehouse offers excellent conditions for storage and good prices on excellent location. 


See the table with refrigerated warehouse rental fees per pallet space.

Pallet space at temperature of -18 degrees 
0 - 30 Euro pallet
31 - 60 Euro pallet
60+ Euro pallet

0,60 €
0,54 €
0,46 €

3 €
2,2 €
1,4 €

Reservation of pallet space Euro pallet 0,25 € /


NOTE: The fees do not include VAT. Euro pallet is max 1000 kg, max height 1750mm. There is 20% additional charge for industry pallets. Loading/unloading services out of office hours entail 50% additional charge.


Refrigerated warehouse rental fee, i.e. the fee for one pallet space in the Finelco warehouse is 0.46 EUR per day if more than 60 pallets are rented. For 30 or less pallet spaces the rental fee in the refrigerated warehouse is 0.60 EUR per pallet space.


Our refrigerated warehouse is located near Belgrade, in Simanovci on the E70 highway. Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse has the capacity of 3,000 pallet spaces in two temperature categories (deep freezing temperatures and cooling temperatures).


We are fully equipped for storing fruit, vegetables, meat, pharmaceuticals and other products which require storage at strictly regulated temperatures and air humidity.


Please contact us for any further information related to the refrigerated warehouse or storage of products with us.

Telephone: +381 63 260 346