Storing products at temperature controlled storage

Finelco Refrigerated Warehouse has 3,000 pallet spaces for storing products at only 20km from Belgrade, in Simanovci, on Belgrade – Sid E70 highway. We store products at two temperature controlled storages:


  1. Deep freezing (at temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius)
  2. Cooling (at temperatures of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius)


Our refrigerated warehouse meets strict criteria for storage of goods and grocery products in terms of temperature control, air humidity and hygiene.


It is suitable for:


  • Storage of fruit and vegetables
  • Storage of meat and delicatessen 
  • Storage of milk and dairy products
  • Storage of grocery products, pharmaceuticals etc. 

Storage of apples and other fruit and vegetables


Storage of apples for winter or for export is very convenient at our refrigerated warehouse, as the storage conditions guarantee extended preservation of the products quality. Additionally, our location on the highway enables easy and fast access. As our refrigerated warehouse has a unit for storage of products at temperatures of -18 degrees, but also for storage of products at temperatures of 0-4 degrees, it is convenient for storing wide range of fruit and vegetables either in cooling storage or deep freezing storage.


Our refrigerated warehouse is located at the Industry zone in Simanovci, just off the E70 highway. Refrigerated warehouse rental fees can be seen at Prices page.

Telephone: +381 63 260 346